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About Gigolo Escort Service

Our Friendship Club provides dedicated service with a professional staff and provides the best solutions for match making couple.
➳ We had successfully conducted number of friendship and dating in all communities.We also had successfully conducted number of Dating/Friendship since 2002 (16 years) exclusively for divorcees, widows, widowers, Collage Girls, House Wife, Working Lady without issues, for all castes, religions and all ages.

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➳ Just request a callback, you will get a call with in two working days.

➳ We will assign a agent for you and share the contact details with you.

➳ But still if you want any thing more then visit the website and reach our support team.

➳ You can request callback, send us a mail, request a complain and suggest for better service in our website. You can also visit our office if needed. Otherwise a mail can solve your all problem. Our team is very friendly and they always happy to help you.

Hiii Guys...
Our organization offers dedicated service to our trusted and registered customers.
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•Q. Do you know why gigolo find it difficult to get clients.?

Q. Clients are as like free carrots. Why should she choose you?

See the rabbit.
Imagine she is a female client. Imagine the carrots are men. Do you think she has a problem finding a man.?

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What we do .?

We provide Male escort playboy call boy and gigolo service in all measure cities in India. We also attained all kind adult and erotic parties and activities. Our stripers are expert in pole dance and go-go dance.

Our Process.

All you need to do is call our agents and obey the instructions. You may have to pay the registration fee, security fee, and other charges to enjoy this service. You may have provided some documents to attained some clients.

Our Goal.

To make the world without any sexually frustrated people and to provide service to every single people, They may be rich or poor may be from any religion or any age group may be white or black we love our clients and happy to serve.

About our Horses.

Our horses are trained and passed in all measure skills required to satisfy you. Their soft touch will make you horny. They are well groomed in all kind of act play and services. They are specially trained in orgasm and erotics.

About our Agents.

Our staffs will assist you in each and every step and will guide to get good clients. They will make you feel comfortable so that you can discuss your requirement in a better way. So try to follow our agents perfectly for better service.

About our Clients

Clients are luxurious and sexy. Some clients are mature but they will pay you more money with respect to another type of clients. Some clients are business personals and may hire you for a party of getting together meetings.